Where Ideas Transform into Innovations on the Internet Computer.

Where Ideas Transform into Innovations on the Internet Computer Protocol .


DISRUPTIVES is the go-to place in Indonesia for anything related to the Internet Computer Protocol. Created with support from the DFINITY Foundation, we’re all about helping blockchain growth in Indonesia. We’re here for the doers – entrepreneurs, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts, offering specialized incubation programs and the essential resources you need to kick-start your next big thing.

At DISRUPTIVES, our mission is to be an influential force in shaping and accelerating a progressive and sustainable blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia via the Internet Computer Protocol.

Our Key Goals

Fueling Innovations

We’re on the lookout for fresh ideas and people who are ready to build something awesome on the Internet Computer Protocol Blockchain.

Let's Hang Out

We bring people together – from blockchain enthusiasts to experts, from investors to the general public – through networking events, workshops, and collaborations.

Sharing Is Caring

We’ve got articles, videos, and more to get everyone up to speed.

Encouraging Investments

We connect projects with investors, and offer mentorships, fellowships, and grants to get those ideas off the ground.

In It Together

We team up with other organizations, educational institutions, local communities, and international partners to amplify the impact of the Internet Computer Protocol.

Our Team

Bruno, is an Entrepreneur with an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, excels in the blockchain ecosystems, leveraging his technical background and 7 years of global experience to drive innovation and positive change.

MBA with 12 years in advertising, entrepreneurship, and investing across Western Europe, Asia, and Southern Africa. Previously in management consulting, focussing on digital innovation and agile transformation, Tom now develops Indonesia’s start-up landscape, building the impact-driven giants of tomorrow.


Kenny is an entrepreneur and the founder of Terra Code, driven by an unwavering passion for blockchain technology. He has collaborated with exceptional individuals from around the globe.

Venita is a seasoned digital marketing strategist specializing in digital ads, she brings a passion for business growth, innovation and awareness. For the last 3 years she has coordinated business conferences for the Russia-Indonesia Business Council showing ability to enhance international cooperation but also strategic thinking.

Business Assistant


Matthew Cook, is a seasoned impact entrepreneur and super connector. He’s the CEO of sustainable beverage company Bali Rainwater and co-founder of Catapult Group, Connected Capital, OffChain Bali, Wepa and the SBM Foundation.

Michael Bennallack is involved in several projects across the web3 industry, including co-founding Republik Rupiah, one of Indonesia’s leading blockchain media and education platforms. Michael is also the CEO of Global Pathways Consulting. A Blockchain and education advisory firm that specializes in Blockchain research, consulting services for projects, as well as relationships for educational institutions across Asia and the Pacific.

Cosmin Lungu is a marketing expert and blockchain consultant with a vast experience in launching both web 2 and web 3 companies as well as helping SMBs implement blockchain technologies and bridge the gap between web 2 and web 3. He is the founder of Mr Blu3 Consulting agency, which helped generate over $10 million in revenue for blockchain projects and is the CMO of Cofund.ai, the leading real estate tokenization platform in Bali and Indonesia.

Our Strategic Partners

Bali Blockchain Center
Republik Rupiah
Connected Capital
Blockchain Zoo
Mural Fest
Bali Collective
Roberto Capodieci
Crypton Studio
Angels & Founders
Maja Labs
Meta Start

What's In Store

Learn Cool Stuff

Come to our events to learn about blockchain, startups, and all the cool things you can do with Internet Computer. It’s interesting, we promise!

Make Friends

Hang out with people who are just as into blockchain as you are. Great for networking or just having fun. Who knows, you might meet your next business partner!

Host An Event

Got an event idea? Let’s work together to make it happen

Past Events Gallery

Photos and videos from previous events. We had a blast!

Get Involved

Want to help out or host an event? We’d love that!

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