Disruptives Incubation Program

Join our 7-week Incubator Program and and transform your disruptive idea into a game-changing startup. Exclusively available for ten innovative projects, our program – powered by the Internet Computer Protocol – offers a free seat worth $10k in a rigorous incubation journey.

Navigate through meticulous screening, and by the end, you’ll be ready with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), a major leap towards your business dreams. The top-tier projects will even have the opportunity to try and secure funding starting from $5k up to $100k.

And that’s not all. Graduation Day? It’s Demo Day! Every project steps into the spotlight, pitching in front of an exclusive audience.

Ready to unlock your potential and revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem with us? Let’s go!

What we’re looking for:


Got an idea that’s ready to disrupt the ICP ecosystem? We’re ready to help you bring it to life!

Dream Teams

Are you a team poised for growth? Let us connect you with mentors and experts to level up your project.

Early Bloomers

Got a startup that’s just starting but you dream big? Your ambition is what we need.

How Disruptives Incubator Program will help:


• Expert Lectures: Gain from 100+ hours of industry insights.

• Hands-On Tasks: Weekly practical exercises for active learning.

• Personal Branding: Activities to enhance your professional presence.

• Peer Networking: Regular sessions for shared learning and innovation.

• Professional Community: Join a driven network of like-minded individuals.

• Flexible Learning: Access to lecture recordings.

• NFT Certification: Earn a unique NFT Certificate upon completion.

• Mentorship: Receive dedicated guidance on course topics and growth.

• Feedback: Personalized insights for your continuous improvement.

Intensive Learning

Our 7-week program offers intensive sessions, preparing you with the crucial knowledge to craft an MVP and excel.

Robust Mentorship

Benefit from our personalized mentorship program. We match you with seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Transparent Reporting

We provide monthly progress reports to keep you and our partners updated.

Post Program Support

 Our relationship doesn’t end after graduation. Expect continuous networking, mentorship, and fundraising support.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

Week 1 - ICP Immersion: From Zero to Ecosystem

Kicking off with the Internet Computer: Understand its expansive ecosystem and position your startup for success.

Week 2 - Crafting the Web3 Canvas

Week 2: "Crafting the Web3 Canvas" Shape your decentralized vision: From business structures to the law's lens and captivating design aesthetics.

Week 3 - Mapping the Market & MVP

Strategize your product's journey, explore market landscapes, and dive deeper into MVP dynamics.

Week 4 - The Web3 Trinity: Team, Tokens, Treasure

From rallying your dream team to understanding tokenomics and planning your financial treasure chest, it's all about the foundational trifecta.

Week 5 - Fueling the Future: DeFi & MVP Spotlight

Demystify decentralized finance, cultivate investor ties, and put your MVP under the spotlight for some real-time feedback.

Week 6 - Stage & Spotlight: Perfecting the Pitch

Gear up for the grand show: Streamline operations, refine your narrative, and own the stage with pitch perfection.

Week 7 - Final Sprint: Refine, Reveal, Revolutionize

Put the finishing touches, ready your MVP for the big reveal, and set the stage for a revolution in the making.

Week 1-2

Kick-off your journey with an introduction to our program and the ICP ecosystem.

Week 3-4

Shape your business model and start building your minimum viable product (MVP).

Week 5-6

Analyze your market and craft your go-to-market strategy.

Week 7-8

Focus on team building, leadership, and managing your operations.

Week 9-10

Dive into financial planning and fundraising

Week 11-12

Learn how to pitch, manage investor relations, and prepare for graduation.

Twice a month, we also host founder talks, where successful entrepreneurs share their journeys, failures and victories, to help you navigate the startup landscape.

Apply and join us!

The Venue

We're finalizing the details of the spots that are just as visionary as your projects. News dropping soon!

Lecturers and Mentors

We will announce them in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!

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